Thursday, December 27, 2007

An overdue farewell

WHO: Essa (aka Vanessa)
WHAT: Peace Corps, Environmental Education
WHERE: Nicaragua
WHEN: Sept '05 - Nov '07
WHY: La vida es un carnaval

I've been negligent to my blog...sorry. I've been home for almost two months now, and have been so visiting friends all over Arizona and California that I haven't had a chance to write my last blog entry. So, now that Christmas is over and everyone is comatose fromm too much food, I'll take this opportunity to wrap this thing up...

The last few months were busy finishing up projects with the kids, final youth group meetings and a pump test that the local water utility was very generous to donate for my thesis are the guys who did two and a half days of work for me...

And the exciting part of a pump test...which you can see is about as fun as watching water flow out of a pipe all day:

So, turning to more interesting things - here are some photos from some of my despedidas - or farewell parties:

We arranged a trip to the zoo with the school kids for one final hurrah while I was are the kids and moms piled into the truck to take us there:

Kids from the group I helped lead on a trip through the zoo...and the monkeys hoping for a cheeto from the kids:

After the education tour, there were several dancing numbers by some of the kids, speeches, and a little gift exchange.

A final shot of the kids and moms I worked with:

I made it to the opening season game for the Chicas Lakers - they awarded me the trophy we had one at a recent tournament:

And my good friend, and teammate, Ada planned a farewell party for me after the game:

This is my mixed origin group of friends - Nicaraguan, US, Swedish, and Finnish at one of our last get togethers:

So, that's about it. Guense and I left the country without any hang ups on November 2nd, as was lucky enough to have some good Peace Corps friends see me off at the airport. I have talked to a number of my friends back in Nicaragua...they are as gracious as ever and are really looking forward to my return (Spring break 2008)...

as am I.