Sunday, October 29, 2006

The old switcheroo

WHO: Essa (aka Vanessa)
WHAT: Peace Corps, Environmental Education
WHERE: Nicaragua
WHEN: Sept '05 - Nov '07
WHY: La vida es un carnaval

Just today, less than a week since Jose Luis launched into his schpiel about how he will vote for liberal candidate Montealegre to see, perhaps, a change in the politics in Nicaragua - and how he didn't believe Ortega would do anything good for the country - he tells me (as we fumigate the latrine for cucarachas) that not only will he vote for Ortega, he will also act as the local elections monitor here in town for the Sandanista party !!

He laughed when I cried,"¡No jódas!" (loosly translated as, "are you kidding me?")

"What can I do," he asks, "I'm a Sandanista at heart."


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